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Below are some areas about DE! that you may have questions about!


International dietitian hosts:

What kind of practice settings is DE! seeking for the participants
(clinical, community, public health, in the classroom, etc.)?

We offer a variety of settings that will enable the participants to work on activities which engage them in local dietetic practice. We will work with the host to develop a dynamic and engaging itinerary for the trip. For an example of what the international visit will be like, please see our Trips.

How many participants will attend a DE! trip?

The number of participants that attend the trip will depend on the capacity of the hosts. A Dietitians Explore! team member also attends the trip with the participants. We have the flexibility to arrange trips for participant groups of various sizes.

What will be the financial cost for hosts?

The only foreseeable costs for host organizations will be in the form of time provided by the preceptor and usual business expenses required to set up a work station for the participant to utilize during the visit. Any additional costs that are anticipated by the host can be discussed with us prior to the participants’ arrival.


Future dietetic professionals:

Will participating in a trip with DE! apply toward the completion of a dietetic internship? Does DE! work with Dietitians of Canada?

DE! is not an internship program and, currently, a travel experience with DE! does not apply toward completion of a comprehensive internship program. DE! does not have an official partnership with Dietitians of Canada; however, the founders of DE! are active members of Dietitians of Canada and are committed to offering future dietetic professionals a unique experience that complements and enhances their training.

To learn more about becoming a Registered Dietitian in Canada, please visit the Dietitians of Canada website at

As a future dietetic professional, what will I do during a DE! trip?

A DE! trip will be a unique international experience with a variety of activities that support professional and personal development. See our Trips for more information.

As a participant, how much will it cost for me to go on a DE! trip?

Participants pay the DE! program fee and their own travel expenses. The program fee for a DE! trip and the participant’s travel expenses will vary with each destination. The announcement of each trip will include the DE! program fee.

Am I eligible to participate in a DE! trip?

Senior nutrition students enrolled in a Canadian university are eligible to participate in a DE! trip.


About DE!

Is DE! a public, non-profit or private company?

DE! is a non-profit corporation registered in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Who are the directors of DE!?

Lilisha Burris and Sio Khuan (Sharon) Khoo are the co-founders and directors of DE! and Maila Halenko is our leader of development. Learn more about these Registered Dietitians at About Us.

Visit our What We Do page to learn more about our services.

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